About Carol

I was in my mid 50’s when I realized that I could draw. Before that, I thought I have no artistic ability because a teacher told me not to take any more art classes because I was so bad at art. Of course, I believed her, because she was my favorite teacher.

Once I started drawing, a friend introduced me to watercolor and I was hooked. My friend encouraged to keep painting, and I got better as time went by.I went to a Wine and Paint class about two years ago. We painted a glass of wine with a bottle next to it. I hated the picture I created because the wine glass was out of proportion to the wine bottle. It wasn’t even good enough to be an Andy Warhol. Of course, a big glass of wine might be good in real life, not in the picture I painted.

After sponsoring and taking several more classes, I realized that I did enjoy the painting and felt that I could teach classes. So here I am teaching the classes and loving it!